Dearborn layout tour

Image copyright 2005 Tim Warris
An impressive waterfall on a club layout in Dearborn, Mi.

I took this shot on one of the layouts on tour in Dearborn during the 25th Narrow Gauge convention in September 2005. Time was limited for us to see too many of the fine layouts open to us, but we did manage to squeeze in a couple. Unfortunatly I can not recall which layout this was! I was a club effort, and I found this waterfall scene to be very well done and photogenic.

Addition of a photoblog!

I enjoy maintaining a blog for the layout, but it is a time consuming process to put together a complete posting. I find I have the urge for a new post every few weeks, but in the meantime it can get a bit stale.

To post a single image does not take all that long, so I thought I would add a “1 picture every few days” to the site, in addition to the regular “big” posts. I will try to update this with 1 picture, every few days.

This picture I took in late August in St. Thomas, Ontario at the annual “Railroad days” at the former shops there. Always an interesting day, especially when they are running their 0-6-0!

My brother Scott liked this image and worked it a bit in Photoshop, I thought it looked pretty good and made a good candidate. He maintains his own photoblog here…. Scott Warris photoblog

Image copyright 2005 Tim Warris
The crew of “No. 9” putting her away at the end of the day

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