NMRA Train Show display

Tilting table

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Tilt Table
Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

This is the “contraption” I posted a picture of a few weeks back. Now completed and in use at the NMRA Train show in Philadelphia this week. Its a small display with a double crossover on it. The entire display slowly rocks back and forth allowing a car to roll over the turnouts, highlighting the smoothness of turnouts built in the Fast Tracks fixtures.

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This table cycled almost 5000 times today, and the car did not once derail. Not that I am surprised of course…

Ancient Aliens movies

Rock and roll!


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  1. IF IT WAS THE FSM,there would have been at least one hanging window sash on each building,ivy running everywhere,pot holes every six feet,55 gal drums at everydoor and loading dock,birds and poop on every roof,over fifty autos and trucks not to mention a mob of figures.and lets not forget newpapers everywhere. ;-(

    Comment by Ron Garand — 7/8/2006 @ 8:46 am

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