Rock’s Mill

or Rock Mills….

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Princeton, Ontario
Image Copyright (c) 2006 Scott Warris

The search goes on.

We are looking for “eclectic” for our new location, and that has led us to all sorts of interesting places. This one rates an 11 on the neat scale, but not so well on the practical scale.

This is Rock’s Mill just outside of Tillsonburg, Ontario. What makes this place attractive is the fact it still works, and not only does still work, it can generate its own hydro, and enough hydro for 100 homes around it. Free energy is very interesting….

All the original grist mill equipment is still in there, and all of it works. The owner gave us a complete tour, and “open the floodgates” to fire it all up. Watching the mill race fill with water and start up all the turbines was beyond cool!

The down side is it was lacking a house. One could be built here, but it is probably a bit of a stretch to do that right now.

So, the search goes on.


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