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High depth of field

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High depth of field image of Pork Kelsey Ry.
Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

This image was taken using a Nikon D1 camera with a f stop of 16. Its hard to believe that a picture can be taken with this level of depth of field (in focus from front to back) with an f16 setting. Images that are in focus across the entire shot are very desirable when taking pictures of a model railroad, it significantly improves the realism of the shot.

The trick to getting a shot like this is a small piece of software called Helicon Focus. This software will take several images taken with a slightly different focal point, and “stitch” them into one single image that is completely in focus.

This picture is made from 9 images joined together. It is quite an amazing tool for anyone trying to get high quality images of a layout!


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  1. I like today’s picture. Even though it’s a model, it looks so real. I don’t think my camera would do this job. Was this Ron’s camera that took this one?

    Comment by Marion Kelsey — 1/9/2006 @ 10:51 am

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