Getting close.

Trim work

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Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

Getting close to completing the first section of the house we are renovating, which will eventually become my layout room, but for now is a shipping department.

Wanting to stay close to the original character of the house, and out of respect for the ancients who originally produced the trim on site, I decided to make all the trim work myself right here instead of purchasing it. Plus it is cheaper.

Starting with plain 2×6 lumber, I planed it down to 1″ thick and routed the moulding in place. This picture is of the first coat of stain that matches fairly closely the stain used in the rest of the house. I will put an additional coat of “cheater stain”, a mix of stain and polyurethane that will allow me to freshen up what original trim is in place, and will blend all the colors together. Hopefully.


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