The drawing board

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Toy Story 2 movie desk
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Missed the Picture of the Day yesterday as I was in the middle of a computer rebuild, which is about as fun as a full rectal examination. We recently bought a new computer with a bit more horsepower for all the CAD that has to be done. Currently, next to answering email, CAD is what I spend the largest amount of time on.

The drawing on the middle screen is a 3D rendering of how to wire a turnout built in a Fast Tracks fixture. Ron did a great job making a “Help” page on the main site, and posted these drawings, along with some others here.

This is a shot of what I stare at all day long.


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On30 Turnout

too Old for N Another Stakeout on dvd

Bad Boys II on dvd

by 30

Starting Out in the Evening movie full


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Dr. Dolittle 2 full Torn Curtain ipod On30
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I built this turnout for a display that is used at various shows. I thought it is a good example of narrow gauge trackwork produced in the Fast Tracks fixtures, especially the “rustic” looking ties.

Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell movies


Youngblood video

Ladder 49 dvdrip

This Is England release

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* * * BREAKING NEWS * * *

Bought – One money pit

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Ruthless People movie full Money Pit

Money from Home psp

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After looking at an old furniture factory, General store right beside a mainline, feed mill that generated its own power, 50 acre farm and countless houses, we finally bought a new house/factory!

Casper’s Scare School buy

While it isn’t any of the above cool places, the one we finally settled on still rates up there on the neat scale. It is 120 years old, and still in good shape, that is, it isn’t full of shoddy renovation attempts. Will need a bit of work, but that is made up for by its character, rural location, and ample space.

Best of all, we can move in and continue working with minimal disruption, and, finally, enough space to function!

I’ll keep my opinions of realtors to myself. Lets just say, lawyers don’t seem quite so bad anymore…..

Air Buddies hd


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