Car ferry addition continued

Work is progressing on the addition of the dock for the car ferry

Since is it hot, stinking hot, here this week, I decided to hide in the basement for the afternoon and work some more on the dock addition. Don’t let anyone try to tell you that Canada is the Great White North, in the summer, with the humidity it gets unbearably hot where I live, which is usually when I get the most work done on the layout.

The dock that will accompany the car ferry slip is fairly big, about 6 feet long and four tracks wide. It will be used as a bit of a yard to store cars destined for the ferry and points beyond. There will also be the inbound and escape track for the line into the area, with two turnouts built right onto the dock.

I absolutely love dock scenes on layouts, and have always looked forward to adding another one to mine. This is a fairly ambitious scene, but there is a larger one planed for another part of the layout in the future.

Having a laser cutter I wanted to make the most of it for the grunt work of building a dock. The plan was to engrave the dock boards, spike holes and track outline for the entire dock surface. This worked ok, but I was unhappy with the results…

Image copyright 2005 Tim Warris

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