Boxcab critter

Here are a few shots of a “critter” I built several years ago, before I was sure of the era I was going to be working with, although I think I could justify this engine in the mid 30’s.

It started as an Athern Hustler, I replaced the terrible drive with a Northwest Short Lines power truck, and replaced the body with a Cary cast metal body.

The round cylindrical things on the roof are a couple of resistors I cut off of a PC board. I painted it CN olive green and added Micro scale decal stripes to the front and back. I will likely add a decoder to this one and add it to the consist, maybe even a Soundtraxx unit, would be very neat!

The thing pulls like a tank.

Copyright 2004 Tim Warris

Copyright 2004 Tim Warris

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Control Panels

Bronze control panels

Wanting something unique for my control panels I decided to make something that looks like an old bronze plaque that has been exposed to the elements for many years…

Copyright 2004 Tim Warris

Its hard to get a decent picture of these as they are fairly dark in color. What do you think?

November 24 update

I liked the look of the control panel so much I thought I would add a bronze “builder plate” to the front of the upper deck of the layout, again, the pictures do not do it much justice…


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W.C. Kelsey remembered.

A biography, a eulogy.

As told by Scott Warris

For many years I have tried to explain who my grandfather, W.C. “Bill” Kelsey, was, but it is impossible to sum it up and do it justice. To gain an understanding of him and his abilities, it would be necessary to spend many years with him, which fortunately for myself and my three brothers, we were able to do.

The following article was written by one of my brothers, Scott, back in 1995 when we lost our mentor. This was read at his funeral, and I always felt it captured the experience of all of us growing up with “granpa”….

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