P2K 0-6-0

Engine 22

Finally completed the paint job on the local switcher for the town of Port Kelsey. This little Proto 2000 0-6-0 has a sound decoded installed (another Dan Kirlin job), sounds and runs great! I painted it and weathered it a few weeks ago, and just recently did the lettering on the side of the tender and the numbering on the cab.

Image copyright 2005 Tim Warris

Image copyright 2005 Tim Warris

The lettering on the engine was done using a stencil I produced on the laser cutter. I used a sheet of label paper that is available in 8.5×11 sheets. From this I laser engraved the lettering through the label, but not through the backing. I removed the stencil from the backing and stuck it to the side of the tender, adding the small pieces of the inside of some of the letters, like the “P” and the “A”‘s. I very lightly dusted the stencil with Floquil Primer with the airbrush, and removed the stencil. The results are great! Much easier than rubbing down those individual letters, which always seem to come out crooked, and I constantly run out of “R””s!

Image copyright 2005 Tim Warris

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  1. I noticed in your picture of the 060 that there are two propane tanks on the dock did they have propane back then??


    Comment by dad — 4/28/2005 @ 2:10 pm
  2. Dad,

    They did in Port Kelsey!


    Comment by Tim — 8/24/2005 @ 10:53 am
  3. Layout is great! One question-what is the length of the ties on the Kelsey. In On30 I believe that the ties should be about 6’6″.


    patrick price

    Comment by patrick — 4/13/2006 @ 8:39 pm
  4. Nice weathering job on this loco! Which sound decoder did you use for this one?


    Comment by Bruno — 8/9/2006 @ 5:03 am

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