Trackwork on lower level

Pushing the mainline through!


With the top level complete, I am now ready to focus on the lower deck, and the completion of the mainline! I am hoping to have the golden spike (OK, the golden solder joint) done before our annual Doubleheaders layout tour, which is coming up in a few weeks.

Thought I would post a few progress pictures of the new trackwork, which includes a nifty #6 double crossover….


The lower deck should be fun to operate, lots of interesting switching, but hopefully it will not get boring to quickly. I am trying to keep this fairly simple down here, just some sidings and a good sized passing track.




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  1. Tim,

    That is a nifty double cross, want to make me a #7 in N scale? Just kidding, its nice to have the jig factory in your backyard though.

    I notice in your portal that your PC board ties line up at what appears to be at the exact entrance and exit. Did you plan it this way or was luck with you? You won’t have to soder the rail inside the tunnel. Also, your facia appears to be either painted black or a really dark blue?

    In any case, nice to see some layout progress pics, keep up the fantastic work!

    Comment by Chris Zygmont — 3/7/2005 @ 7:05 pm
  2. Hi Chris,

    Talk to Robert Dressel, he will make you a #7 double crossover in N scale….

    The location of the PC board ties at the tunnel entrances is just pure luck! It did make it easier to solder in place though.

    The color of the facia and the curtains above and below are all solid black. I prefer black to using a color here, that way all the attention is focused on the trains, the rest just fades into the background. Same approach used at theatres….


    Comment by Tim — 3/7/2005 @ 8:18 pm
  3. Hi Tim! I just stumbled upon this site this morning. I had actually tried to find your ph.#/address after your 1997 MR article! I liked it then and I like it now- oddly enough- I had been showing that article to a friend this morning! It’s all dog-eared and beat-up…

    It’s good to see the expansion. The trackwork looks great! I have been laying track for many years, but have never attacked a double-cross. Incidentally- and maybe this had been answered- John Gascoyne was a fairly well-known modeler and railroad author of the late fifties- sixties. As I recall, he modeled the C&O and did a superb job.

    Anyway, as I said, I really liked your work when I saw that 8/97 MR article and am very glad I found this!

    Comment by Jim Snyder — 4/1/2005 @ 2:21 pm

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