The Beginning.

Barn raising!

Well that didn’t take long. We haven’t been in this location 6 months are we are desperately out of room. What we were planning on doing in a year or to has to be done now, so its time to put up a building.

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This decision was actually made a couple months back, but it has taken that long to just work out what we need. What started out as a simple building has grown to a two story 3600sq/ft behemoth. Its also wandered around the backyard as well. Initially we decided to put it “out back”, then it moved to the rear of the house, then into the driveway beside the house (shown in the illustration), and now, back to the “out back” spot.

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We are pretty sure this is where it will finally go. Permits have been applied for, and a general contractor hired, so now its just a waiting game until the permits are granted, and the temperature goes up a bit.

Once we get started, I will post some updates on the progress. Sure will be glad to see it standing there, and all traces of a business moved out of my house!


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  1. have you got a place for the horeses?

    Comment by Bill warris — 2/5/2007 @ 6:44 pm
  2. That new building looks like a great location for the new Port Kelsey! Just think, living quarters upstairs, railroad on the main floor and Fast Tracks where it is now. Hmmm…


    Comment by Terry Firth — 2/6/2007 @ 2:18 pm

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