NMRA Train Show, July 8-10 2005

Its been a while since the last post, mainly because we were all working hard preparing for the NMRA Train Show, which is being held this year in Cincinnati.

I’m writing this post from the lobby of the Four Points Sheraton, which is next the the convention center where the convention and train show will be held this year.

This is the first convention I have attended, and the first NMRA train show as well, so it is all exciting.

Preparing for this has been quite an undertaking. We started building up stock about 6 weeks ago, while keeping up with orders, which was a bit of a challenge. The week prior to leaving was a blur of 14 hour days, but we managed to get it all together in time and found our way down here without any major problems. I decided to arrive a couple of days early to get a feel for the place. So far I am impressed, and we are looking forward to the train show that starts Friday morning. The hotel is crawling with model railroaders, which are all easily identifiable from their NMRA badges. I’m surprised how many “big name” people are here, seems to attract quite a notable crowd.

While we were in the thick of preparing for the show, with impeccable timing, my hard drive crashed on my main computer. Fortunately I back everything important up online every night, so nothing critical was lost, but I did lose the stuff I needed to post new pictures to the blog, so I will not be able to post any shots of the fun until I return.

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  1. I vividly recall seeing/reading your cover story in MR a few years back. I recall that I glanced at it and then found myself going over it again and again for a few years later. Some very impressive work. Its interesting that I have found this link to your own site and that it is one of the most professional things I’ve seen. Congrats. I was quite incredibly intrigued to see”fast tracks” a little while back and going back to study it. Seeing it as a very well designed system that should’ve been thought of along time ago. Being currently into On30, I was pondering some other means of dealing with limited turnout resources. So cool to see that its your baby too.
    Anyway….Great work. Great ideas. Good to see your still hard at it.

    Comment by Kevin Sikorsky — 7/7/2005 @ 5:01 pm

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