Boxcab critter

Here are a few shots of a “critter” I built several years ago, before I was sure of the era I was going to be working with, although I think I could justify this engine in the mid 30’s.

It started as an Athern Hustler, I replaced the terrible drive with a Northwest Short Lines power truck, and replaced the body with a Cary cast metal body.

The round cylindrical things on the roof are a couple of resistors I cut off of a PC board. I painted it CN olive green and added Micro scale decal stripes to the front and back. I will likely add a decoder to this one and add it to the consist, maybe even a Soundtraxx unit, would be very neat!

The thing pulls like a tank.

Copyright 2004 Tim Warris

Copyright 2004 Tim Warris

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  1. I hath seen sumwgher that jou mad your own relay motors to control the rail goby track
    you know when we where kid and had to stand behind. I was born in holland. HERE THEY HAVE BEEN out of use for a long wile . please if you have something along that line would dbe agera help, And if you have somer gatges you have to make to make things easyer would be fine to. I can keep on like for a while , But you likly had enough of my bad typing .
    Here I stop I will wait and look forward to your answer. Thanks
    And may a ray of sunshine briten your way

    Comment by HERMAN Verdonk — 12/8/2004 @ 7:02 pm

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