Kelsey Manufacturing Boiler

A real find!

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A genuine Kelsey Boiler
Miss March (aka Playboys) trailer Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

This is an original Kelsey Star Trek V: The Final Frontier on dvd steam boiler! Why is this exciting? Well my grandfather built these in the 1950’s for the tobacco industry, to aid in curing tobacco.

I have been looking for one of these for several years. Scanning the back of farms as I drove past them for one sitting in the back somewhere unused. I have found the front “boilerplate” with the Kelsey name on it, but could not get my hands on it.

I Think I Love My Wife video

This was a real find, as it is an original, unconverted (a coal fired) boiler, in very good condition. I found it, like I expected, at the back of someones property as I drove past it on the highway. I took a few pictures of it, but have not yet been able to contact the owner of it.

More information about Kelsey Manufacturing, and my grandfather, check out the W.C. “Bill” Kelsey memorial blog

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  1. […] What makes this find so great is that this is one of only about 15 four wheel versions that were built, most were the two wheel version. […]

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