NMRA Train Show

Philadelphia, PA

That time of year again! The NMRA Train Show is upon us, and after a colossal amount of effort from everyone, we are finally prepared. Talk about working right up to the last minute, reminds me of one of those home decorating reality shows. There is wet paint on the displays!

Last yests show in Cincinnati was lots of fun, and a great success, so it was decided to do it again this year in Philadelphia. If you have not had a chance to attend one of these, I highly recommend it, they are lots of fun.

We have put together a pretty cool display, and should make quite an impact. I’ll post some pictures of the complete set-up once we, well, set it up.

Barbie as the Island Princess psp

We left earlier this afternoon, and got about half of the 10 hour drive out of the way. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), we will be arriving in Philadelphia right on July 4th, which might make for some interesting navigating…

Baja Beach Bums move

The van is loaded to the limit, not a square inch to spare. This was about half full….

Packed van
Reno 911!: Miami movie Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

download The Squid and the Whale

Russ packing some last minute parts to take.

Russ packing kits
Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

Barbie in a Christmas Carol download

Ron putting the finishing touches on the Tilt Table.

Finishing the displays
Image Copyright (c) 2006 Tim Warris

Not much to post yet, but I will update this with some highlights of the show soon!


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